Hi my name is Juniper!


Hi! My name is Juniper.  I am now a big brave girl of 6.5 pounds. When I first arrived home, I was a 2.2 lb bundle of energy and fur. Everyone laughed when I tripped over myself or ran into couches. Amazingly, I was able to run while holding a tennis ball with my little mouth on my very first day home!

I have 2 big brothers. Ecko is a 13.5 lb silky who is 2 whole years older than me. Mittens is a black and white cat with white paws, nose and belly who is a few months older than me. From the very start, I enjoyed playing with my two big brothers. I especially enjoy biting Mittens on his ears and Ecko under his legs. My mama scolds me when I bite or lick.  Luckily, both of my big brothers dote on me and patiently endure my high energy antics. Mittens especially dotes on me, sometimes hugging me and licking my ears. I love being licked so much that I hold perfectly, even though I prefer to stay in motion.

Of course, I also love my mommy and daddy, especially my mommy who feeds me and teaches me to behave :p